Saturday, October 1, 2011

NYC Men of Style: Episode I

NYC isn't only renowned for beautiful women. It's arguable the fellows here are unlike any others in the world. More than swagger, style in this city is constantly evolving, with men and women taking it to the next level.  Here are five of my favorite NYC men ... men whose style always stood out to me. They  share nuggets of personality, aesthetic reflections, and let us peek into their wardrobes and/or suitcase.  Feast your eyes ... Know a NYC man of style? Message me. Episode II is in the works with some super cool men who've already signed on. I smell a calendar coming on ... it's a hard job, but someone's got to do it. XO BG

Gabriel Urist: Jeweler

BG: Describe what you make.

GU: Jewelry. It's often sports-related.

BG: Can you elaborate?

GU: I'm a jeweler. A customizer. I'm a therapist. I help people have things they want; get the things they want made. I like to make things from ideas.

BG: What's the inspiration for your current line?

GU: It's not so much about the season of the fashion cycle, but more about the individual. I do have collections and lines; many of them are based around basketball because I love making things for basketball fanatics. Basketball is my favorite art form; I want to offer fans something a little more sentimental than a foam hand or a jersey. 
BG: Describe your latest project:

GU: Peach pit rings, which tie into my affinity for basketball. Dr. James Naismith invented the game of basketball in 1891, when he took peach baskets from his farm and put them up on a pole to give the boys something to do when it was cold outside. So I’m making rings out of peach pits because peach pits are a really cool material to carve. It’s something new and I’m working with a lot of local farmers.

BG: You’re also an accomplished metal-smith. That sounds so Chaucer. But you’re a pretty modern boy.

GU: I’ve used silver, gold, platinum, titanium, palladium, stainless steel, aluminum, wood, canvas, photographs, plastic, vinyl; all different types of materials, mixed mediums.

BG: You’ve collaborated with Altoids, Alife, Converse, Futura 2000Haze, New Era, Supreme Wu-Tang, and then there’s your relationship with the MLB and NBA. What’s your favorite collaboration?

GU: I don’t want to give anyone more shine than anyone else.

BG: Fair enough. As for your jewelry, you’re renowned for your impeccable logo-likeness and sick detailing.

GU:  I’m good with my hands.

BG: Describe your personal look:

GU: I love my eyes. Some of my favorite features are my legs. I was playing basketball and someone broke my pinky finger, so that's jacked up. 

BG: What influenced your style growing up?

GU: The Fab Five, skaters, graffiti writers, music makers and the freaks.

BG: And now? What kind of look do your rock, clothing-wise?

GU: All my clothes have been given to me. As long as it's new I like it. Old stuff is stupid.

BG: And accessories for the urban, athletic man?

GU: Nothing goes better with team apparel than bling.

Gabe at work in his studio, wearing Gucci protective eye wear.

To view Gabe’s collected works, visit his website, Gabriel Urist Jewelry

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