Saturday, October 1, 2011

NYC Men of Style: Episode I

NYC isn't only renowned for beautiful women. It's arguable the fellows here are unlike any others in the world. More than swagger, style in this city is constantly evolving, with men and women taking it to the next level.  Here are five of my favorite NYC men ... men whose style always stood out to me. They  share nuggets of personality, aesthetic reflections, and let us peek into their wardrobes and/or suitcase.  Feast your eyes ... Know a NYC man of style? Message me. Episode II is in the works with some super cool men who've already signed on. I smell a calendar coming on ... it's a hard job, but someone's got to do it. XO BG

Jon Newport: Skateboarder/Lower MGMT/Radio Personality/Slumerican

BG: Describe your personal look:

JN: Skateboarder, hip-hop, redneck.

BG: You’re originally from Georgia. What are some southern influences on your style?

JN: Chilling at a BBQ.

BG: Aside from your wardrobe, you’re known for having crazy ‘dos. This year you’ve rocked a Pantera, the Bud Bundy mushroom, frosted tips, and some-kind-a-blue. What’s up?

JN: Jenna Perry is my personal hair stylist. She takes care of all my hair-cuttery.
BG: Back in the 90s I read an interview where Mike D said he was all about taking fly fashion risks. What’s a Jon Newport fly fashion risk?

JN: I don’t consider anything I do a risk. I just wear clothes. 

BG: What were your fashion influences as a kid?

JN: In skateboarding, Plan B and the skate video “20 Shot Sequence” and in music, Hieroglyphics, Outkast, Native Tongues.

BG: Describe a typical day.

JN: That depends on if it’s my day or a Yela day. If it’s my day, I wake up, shower, hit the streets and go to a cafĂ© for Americano. I’ll skate past dark, have a cocktail with dinner, then hit the streets again and go out all night. If it’s a Yela day and I’m on tour, like this summer’s VANS WARP TOUR, I’d wake up from the hotel and repack the van, get food, drive who-knows-how-many-hours to the next city …

BG: You drive?

JN: I sit in the back. Bad kids sit in back. Then it’s off to sound-check, the show, after-party, bottles, you know. As “lower management,” I have to make sure we all make it to the next hotel, the next city, next show.

BG: Favorite city:

JN: Barcelona.

BG: Besides skate, what do you do to stay in shape?

JN: Work at Lil’ Frankies, running dishes and glassware up and down stairs all night.

BG: Catch phrase of 2011:

JN: Yer killin it kiddiee kahhhh.

BG: Favorite brands:

JN: Polo, Sperry, Fruit of the Loom.
BG: Favorite spot to SHOP/EAT/DRINK/RELAX:

JN: Walmart. Fox Brothers BBQ in AtlantaDown by the river and down by the river.

BG: Accessory of choice:

JN: Snapback hat or beanie.

BG: What’s a special skill no one knows about?

JN: I’m an undercover chef.

BG: Biggest vice:

JN: Drinking. Is that a vice? What’s really a vice? That’s a subjective question.

BG: Last thing you read:

BG: Would your mom approve of your style?

JN: No.

Check out Newport on Ballers Eve Radio, every Wednesday from 10-12 PM, EST and stay tuned for more from this Slumerican.  

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