Saturday, October 1, 2011

NYC Men of Style: Episode I

NYC isn't only renowned for beautiful women. It's arguable the fellows here are unlike any others in the world. More than swagger, style in this city is constantly evolving, with men and women taking it to the next level.  Here are five of my favorite NYC men ... men whose style always stood out to me. They  share nuggets of personality, aesthetic reflections, and let us peek into their wardrobes and/or suitcase.  Feast your eyes ... Know a NYC man of style? Message me. Episode II is in the works with some super cool men who've already signed on. I smell a calendar coming on ... it's a hard job, but someone's got to do it. XO BG

Alex Corporan: Marketing Consultant/Editor/Photographer
Photo Credit: Peter Pabon

BG: You're a marketing consultant for several urban and skate brands including 5boro, Chrome X-Large, and Etnies. *P.S. I just heard about this amazing X-Girl shoot and I’m really excited for the new stuff. Back in the day I was obsessed, but I think that’s because I had a huge crush on Kevin who used to work at the shop on Avenue A ... but I digress. What's a marketing consultant exactly?

AC: It’s someone who helps brings direction and recognition to a brand. It’s someone who cultivates relationships and seeds out product to tastemakers and influencers for different brands. The list could go on forever; there are so many variations of this title.

BG: Last fall, through the amazing powerHouse Books, you published FULL BLEED a collection of NYC skate photography that got rave reviews from skaters and art folk for being raw and legit. Tell me about your involvement in the process and how you made it happen? It's hard to get a book deal these days!

AC: It came from the one question that people who don’t know much about skateboarding always ask me, which is, “Where do you skate in NY?” One day, the idea just popped into my head; why don’t I show people by doing a book of photography? The idea is that NYC as a whole is our skate park, especially because we never had proper skate parks back in the day. So, I started calling photographers I’d known from 25 years of being in the skate industry. It was a four-year project, and by the third year, I realized that I needed help; the project had become bigger than I’d imagined. So I teamed up with my partners, Ivory Serra and Andre Razo, and they helped me knock it out. The next step was to get it published. We had a list of publishers to meet with, and the first one in line was VICE. We showed it to them and, instant connection. We didn’t even bother going to the other publishers because it just felt like a perfect partnership. Little did VICE know it’d take 19 versions of FULL BLEED before the final version went to print! It was hard to pick through thousands of photos and get it right, but I believe we did it.  VICE/powerHouse has been extremely supportive, promoting FULL BLEED to its fullest.
BG: Do you think in terms of fashion, anyway, skateboarding has changed over the past decade, and if so, how? 

AC: It has changed a lot throughout the years. It went from super vibrant and baggy in the 80s to even more baggy and colorful in the 90s. In the mid-90s the colors turned more earthy, and the form got more fitted. In the last decade, I don’t know what the hell happened with guys skating in their girlfriends’ jeans. But currently, I see it going to form-fitting work wear clothing with neutral colors.

BG: What other projects do you have in the mix-up?

AC: Recently, I helped put together a pocket-sized magazine called Wrenched: NYC issue. It's the second installment of the Wrenched magazines. I'm also working on a project with my personal photo archives, which span the last two decades. I have a couple things up my sleeve. They will surface soon enough ...

Photo Credit: Peter Pabon
BG: For men, Fall/Winter 2011, what's the look to go for?

AC: Form-fitting military look and stylish suits.

BG: And For men on-the-go like you, how do you combine practicality with style?

AC: I just know what would look good together depending on the day.

BG: What's the one essential item all dudes should rock?

AC: Belts.

BG: Favorite place to eat:

AC: My two favorite restaurants are Ideya and Mekong

BG: Tell me about some of your style influences.

AC: For casual wear, I’m a fan of Ben Sherman and Marc Jacobs tops and jackets. Most of their stuff is not too loud and fits really well.

BG: What’s one item that a woman can rock to look sexy as hell?

AC: Altered men’s t-shirt

BG: You'd never rock:

AC: Spandex jeans. “YIKES.”

BG: Greatest vice.

AC: Anything fried.

BG: To sum up NYC fashion in a phrase or two you'd say:

AC: There’s never a dull day in NYC fashion; everyday is a surprise.

BG: Would your mom approve of your style?

AC: She should; my style is pretty clean cut.

Check out Alex’s blog, Peanut Gallery and his book, FULL BLEED.

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