Sunday, July 21, 2013

City Gal/Country Gal - Style Secrets

Whether you're a city or country gal, dressing up isn't just to wow your date, but also to make you feel your sexiest. My tip: start from the shoes and work your way up, pick and choose each detail of your outfit to relay signature style. 

Photo Credit: Scott Furkay
Style Icon: Kate Moss
Shoes: Ballet Flat

This Viennese native and New York City art history student has urban edge coupled with elegant simplicity. The result: natural beauty.

“I think guys like me partly because of my simple spontaneity. I tend to wear neutral colors with basic shoes that are easy to walk/run/bike/jump in, so I'm pretty much ready for anything and everything …”

She feels sexiest for date night in "high-waist pants with a crop-top, ballet flats and hair down."

Photo Credit: Tyler Chin-Tanner
Style Icon: Elizabeth Taylor, Debbie Harry
Shoes: Wedge Sneakers

This Brooklyn native now keeps it real (and romantic, with her husband) in Portland, Oregon. As a poet, educator, and editor, she's quite the brainiac. But with her savvy style, she proves she's no bookworm. 

“I feel sexiest when I'm wearing pieces that are authentic to my personal style. I'll wear sneaker wedges with leggings, skinny jeans, shorts, maxi dresses, or to dress down a girly outfit with a bit of tomboy chic."

For date night, she opts for comfortable wedged-kix, "Which is super important because we live on a hill and we like to trek around, but they still give me that little lift that makes me walk with a bit more swagger. I think heels/wedges change the way you hold your body, which changes the way your outfit looks and the way you feel about yourself in it."

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