Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Style Seeker, Charity de Meer's Summer 2011 Picks

Fashion photographer, blogger, and stylist Charity de Meer shares tips for a gal's summer looks:
BG: What's new with you?
CdM: I'm now working at Saks as a Fur Specialist in the Fur Salon and shooting for the Jcrew blog. Also I've been shooting tons of weddings.
BG: I guess it's summer. Speaking of, what's your top summer style tip?
CdM: Since you can't wear as many layers, you have to convey your look with fewer signature pieces. If you're wearing neutrals, do bright shoes or a big print on one item of clothing. I keep it spare with a top, bottom and shoes, that's it! Keep jewelry to a minimum, such as one big cuff.
BG: How short is too short? (Skirts, dresses, shorts)
CdM: Fingertip rule! hold your hands down by your side, your skirt or shorts should not be shorter than the end of your fingertips. That was an old school rule but I still follow it, mostly because I'm getting older!
BG: I'm a boot fanatic. How can I wear boots in the summer?
CdM: Boots with shorts or minis is SO New York!
BG: Sunglasses. SO ESSENTIAL! Your shape of the season is:
CdM: I'm still loving the large Jackie O or Olsen Twins glasses. But I can dig on some aviators too.
BG: I've got amazing sandals, but they pinch my feet.
CdM: Buy a shoe stretcher. They sell them at Target for only $8-9. Stretch your sandal overnight, spray alcohol on area. Works great! Also Foot Petals for rubbing areas.
BG: Flip-flops on city streets, a little grimy.
CdM: I love sandals. I just deal with the dirty feet. Take more showers!
BG: Urban turbans or scarves?
CdM: No likee scarves!
BG: Bronzer. Yay or nay?
CdM: No, just a bit of pink blush on the apples.
BG: How to leave the house with wet hair:
CdM: Slick back, low ponytail
BG: Fabric of the season:
CdM: Gauze
BG: Print of the season:
CdM: Fruit
BG: Your standout designer piece:
CdM: Christopher Kane neon yellow sandals
BG: Your standout cheap-y:
CdM: H&M tanks
BG: Go-to accessory (designer):
CdM: Nancy Gonzalez croc handbag in teal
BG: Go-to designer (cheap-y):
CdM: Duane Reade nail polishes
BG: What's on your fall wish list?
CdM: Dying for Marc Jacobs Peplum dress and St. Kilda scorpion ring with sapphire!

Sunglasses + lipstick shade = Aviators with bright orange; big black Jackie O shades with  purple-red 

Hat + Jewelry = Big floppy sunhat and bold necklace

Handbag + Nail color = I love my teal croc bag with Cloud, which is a pale lavender from Revlon

Featuring from top left: Charity de Meer, Jen Brill, Erin Wasson, January Jones (and John and Yoko)

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