Wednesday, May 11, 2011

SK8 or DIE V 100 Boards/100 Artists ATL, GA

 100 artists/100 boards. Silent auction starting at $100
Prints by Wolfbat Dennis McNett

Owl Board/Bowl ©Rich Arbitelle

Even though they're still running "Sk8 or Die," this past weekend's opening party/silent auction at YOUNG BLOOD gallery and boutique was the talk of A-town. Collectors and art board aficionados, here's what went down:
Local color
DJ Fari
Jill Di Donato and Rich Arbitelle
I liked skater David Clark's rocket ship. Photographer Ryan Flynn snagged it

This mermaid also caught my attention. It reminds me of Gonz stuff. ©Julie Newton and Raymondo

Oops!  I got distracted ... and lost my bid

But I had my eyes on a piece by Rich Arbitelle. This was a two-for-one. He cut the nose and tail off the board and fashioned them into a bowl, which he hand spray painted. The 
piece also includes a hand painted checkerboard - which was the deck. The night was young ... I placed my bid and thought I had it on lock.


Owl Board/Bowl ©Rich Arbitelle

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